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Learning is messy

I find myself somewhat frustrated with the environment that we are expected to work in. Being a data driven industry I feel torn between being an innovative, future focused educator that focuses on individualised learning experiences for my students and on the other hand having the pressure of National Standards reporting hovering over my shoulder. Last year I achieved some wonderful results with my students. I managed to provide opportunities for students to taste success; students who had spent most of their school years feeling inadequate and incapable of achieving well in standardised tests.
Many of my students still failed to score well in standardised tests. However, they managed to succeed in areas that are hard to measure. I saw many students self-esteem improve because they managed to complete a project for the first time on a topic of their choice and one which they were engaged with. They began to see themselves as experts in a niche area. They began to recognise themselves …
Recent posts
August 1 I have noticed recently a slight shift in the lens with which I use to look at education. And to be honest, upon reflection, there has been a quite a big shift in the last four to five years. And it’s a good thing because it shows that I don’t have a fixed mindset when it comes to how I view education and student learning. It means that I am constantly reviewing, reflecting and inquiring into my own practice and my own skill set. I think I have been able to adjust the way I deliver learning opportunities to meet the specific needs of my students. I don’t believe or pretend that I am successful for every student, but I do believe that the effort has been made to at least try.

Where once my lens was all about digital devices and 1-1, I have now moved beyond this. I now see that education is about so much more than digital devices. For the students that walk into our classroom everyday, education is first and foremost about student well being. It’s about creating a space where ou…

The Change In Me

Reflecting is something that I do. However this year, more than most, I feel as though something big is taking place. As I clear my head and record my thoughts, I have decided to share them, on the off chance that somebody else is experiencing similar thoughts or feelings. Below is a link to my ramblings, which you are more than welcome to observe


Week 2

Week 2: Reflecting on week 1 and first day back for week 2, I feel a sense of conflict between my expectations and the reality of where the students are at. I also feel a sense of confusion at having so many ideas for what I hope the students will enjoy and engage with that I have difficulty knowing where to start or what to start with. Today I felt as though the biggest issue i have is encouraging or teaching students to think critically and to reflect on their effort - to get them to want to push themselves to improve and be better. It is part of our Growth Mindset approach to learning and development as people. I am not sure if we are getting this right in terms of how we deliver the message to our students. I’m thinking something like “Solo Taxonomy” ties into the Growth Mindset focus and perhaps we have to spend more time unpacking this. When things are not going well I find I fall into a thought process that goes something like this. Start to question students willingness to partic…


This year I am venturing into unchartered territory on my journey as an educator. I am team teaching in an open environment with 55 students ranging from year 6 - 8.
I am participating in an eFellowship where I am looking at innovative ways to engage and teach students.
All of this is very new and as such I thought it would be interesting to share my reflections with an authentic audience in the hope that by doing so it will provide me the forum to be honest with myself so that I can improve my practice.
If anybody should come across my blog, please feel free to provide some constructive feedback/feedforward, what ever you prefer to refer to it as.

Week 1: What has gone well - team teaching going very well Share similar philosophies - growing people, understand and value the importance of community, empowering students communicate well, no ego’s and willing to learn off each other and recognise each other's strengths What can go better - team planning and progress recording sheets cou…


As you would expect, reflecting on uLearn2015 requires you to try and absorb so much. Fabulous Keynote speakers, a plethora of workshops and presentations and of course, the wonderful connections we make and re-establish. However, the lasting impression I leave with is the reaffirming of the importance that community plays in the success and direction of our schools. This was brought home to me like a slap in the face today when I went to my school to do some prep work before tomorrow. Vandalism... This was not the first time I have seen this over the last two weeks of the holidays, but it did highlight to me the disconnect between some in our community and our school. It saddened me to think that there are people in our small community that could destroy so much of that which belongs to our students. It also highlighted for me he need to engage with the problem that I face each day and that is the disconnect that many of my students bring from the community…